$8.00 for Adults (ages 13-59)
$7.00 for Seniors (ages 60+)
$5.50 for children (ages 3-12)
Children under 3 free!

Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
Last admittance at 4 p.m.
Every Thurs. June–August, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Last admittance at 8 p.m.

2070 Zoo Lane, Abilene, TX
(325) 676-6085


Have you ever wanted to befriend a baby giraffe or take an owl under your wing? You can show your passion for wildlife and become an adoptive parent to your favorite animal. The Abilene Zoo is the home to over 1000 animals from all over the world.  Your support helps to provide care for endangered species, exceed standards in animal care, assist in conservation, and provide an educational outlet for our visitors.

This symbolic adoption can also make a great gift for the animal lovers in your life! The adoption packages come in a gift bag with an adoption certificate, fact sheet and picture of your animal among other benefits depending on the level of support you choose. The greatest benefit is the enormous satisfaction of helping support the wonderful wildlife at the Abilene Zoo!

The Adopt an Animal program is perfect for the animal lover with a big heart. You will receive all the parental pride but none of the work. 

If you have questions about the Adopt an Animal program please contact our Development Department at (325) 437-4929.



Supporter Club – $25
• Personalized Adoption Certificate
• Animal Fact Sheet
• Color Picture of animal
• Recognition of your contribution in Zoo News
• Recognition on the Zoo Adopt an Animal Support Board

Explorer Club – $50
• Personalized Adoption Certificate
• Animal Fact Sheet
• Color Picture of animal
• Gift Bag
• Recognition of your contribution in Zoo News
• Plush Animal*
• Recognition on the Zoo Adopt an Animal Support Board

Keepers Club – $75                                                                                                                                                                            (PERFECT FOR CLUBS, CLASSROOMS AND GROUPS!)
• Personalized Adoption Certificate (up to 25)
• Animal Fact Sheet (up to 25)
• Color Picture of animal
• Gift Bag
• Recognition of your contribution in Zoo News
• Plush Animal*
• Special zoo staff recognition during your field trip to the zoo or at your class room/meeting from a zoo staff member
• Recognition on the Zoo Adopt an Animal Support Board

Adventurer Club – $100
• Personalized Adoption Certificate
• Animal Fact Sheet
• Color Picture of animal
• Gift Bag
• Recognition of your contribution in Zoo News
• Plush Animal*
• 2 Zoo Fun Packs
• Recognition on the Zoo Adopt an Animal Support Board

Safari Club – $500
• Personalized Adoption Certificate
• Animal Fact Sheet
• Color Picture of animal
• Gift Bag
• Recognition of your contribution in Zoo News
• Plush Animal*
•VIP tour for 4 (must be scheduled in advance) and 4 Zoo Fun Packs
• Recognition on the Zoo Adopt an Animal Support Board

*These four levels receive their choice of plush animal: Tortoise, Lion, Cotton Top Tamarin or Macaw


Why should I adopt a zoo animal?
We have over 1000 animals that call the Abilene Zoo home! All contributions help us provide a home for endangered species, exceed standards in animal care, assist in conservation and research and provide an educational outlet for our visitors. With your help, we can do incredible things.

Does the animal get to come home with me?
No. The Abilene Zoo’s Adopt an Animal program is a symbolic program that helps pay for the care of the animals at the zoo.

Will other people adopt the same animal?
Yes. It takes more than one adoption to support the care of the animals at the Abilene Zoo.

Can I have multiple names on my Adoption certificate?
No. Each animal needs the care and support of multiple donations; therefore, only one name or group name will be printed on the Adoption certificate, in Zoo News the official quarterly newsletter for the Abilene Zoo and on the recognition sign in the zoo.

How quickly will my Adopt package arrive?
Adopt packages usually arrive in 2 weeks.

May I Adopt onsite at the Zoo?
Yes, please visit our Zoo Store.

How long does my adoption last?
Each adoption lasts for one year but our animal family would love to have your continued support. Please contact the Development Department at 437-4929 to renew.

Can you tell me more about the plush animal I will receive for the Zoo Explorer, Keeper, Adventurer or Safari Club?
The plush animals are high-quality 8″ plush. They are great for gift giving. Since we are unable to find plush for all the species of animals that we have at the zoo, these four levels will receive their choice of the following plush animal: Tortoise, Lion, Cotton Top Tamarin or Macaw.

African Lion Maned Wolf
Angolan Colobus North American Porcupine
Black Bear North American River Otter
Black-Footed Ferret Ocelot
Black Howler Monkey Patagonian Cavy (Mara)
Black Rhino (Southern) Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine
Black Tailed Prairie Dogs Puma
Blue Duiker Red River Hog
Bobcat Red-Rumped Agouti
Cotton-Top Tamarin Ringtail Cat
Dromedary Camel Spider Monkey
Giraffe Striped Skunk
Grant’s (Plains) Zebra Swift Fox
Guanaco Tayra
Jaguar White Tiger
American /Caribbean Flamingo Fulvous Whistling Duck Roadrunner
American Kestrel Great Horned Owl Ruddy Duck
American Robin Green Winged Teal Sandhill Crane
American Widgeon Helmeted Guineafowl Scarlet Ibis
Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Hooded Merganser Scarlet Macaw
Bahama Pintail House Finch Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher
Barrow’s Goldeneye Keel Billed Toucan Secretary Bird
Blue & Gold Macaw Kenya Crested Guineafowl Silver Beaked Tanager
Blue Jay Kori Bustard Southern Lapwing
Blue-Bellied Roller Lesser Flamingo Southern Screamer
Blue-black Grosbeaks Lesser Scaup Spur Winged Plover (Lapwing)
Bobwhite Quail Marabou Stork Superb Starling
Burrowing Owl Mississippi Kite Swainson’s Hawk
Caracara (Southern) Northern Shoveler Troupial
Cattle Egret Opal-rumped Tanager Trumpeter Hornbill
Channel-Billed Toucan Ostrich Turkey
Cinnamon Teal Peacock / Common Peafowl Turkey Vulture
Coscoroba Swan Pintail Vulturine Guineafowl
Cubalaya Chickens / Junglefowl Red-Tailed Hawk Western Kingbird
Domestic Goose Red-Crested Cardinal White Faced Whistling Duck
Double Crested Cormorant Redhead White Wing Dove
East African Crowned Crane Rhea Wood Duck – North American
Eastern Screech owl Ring Neck Dove Yellow Billed Duck
Franklin’s Gull Ringed Teal Yellow Billed Stork
Brazilian Salmon Tarantula
Emperor Scorpion
Giant Desert Centipede
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
African Pancake Tortoise Madagascar Tree Boa
African Spurred Tortoise Meller’s Chameleon
Aldabra Tortoise Mexican Beaded Lizard
Alligator Snapping Turtle Mexican Lance-Headed Rattlesnake
American Alligator Mojave Rattlesnake
Aquatic Box Turtle Moroccan Black Cobra
Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake Mottled Rock Rattlesnake
Black Tree Monitor New Caledonian Gecko
Black Wood Turtle Oriente Bearded Anole (False Chameleon)
Blacktail Montane Pitviper Ornate Box Turtle
Broad-Banded Copperhead Ouachita Map Turtle
Burmese Python (Albino) Prehensile Tailed Skink (Solomon Island)
Caiman Lizard Puerto Rican Boa
Cantil Razor-back Musk Turtle
Cape Coral Snake Red Spitting Corba
Carpet Chameleon Red-Bellied Short-Necked Turtle
Carpet/Diamond Python Red-Eared Slider
Central American Boa Red-Footed Tortoise
Central American Ratsnake Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard
Chihuahuan Ridgenose Rattlesnake Serrated Forest Hingeback Tortoise
Chinese Mountain Pitviper Slender Hognosed Pitviper – albino
Collared Lizard Snapping Turtle
Common Helmeted Turtle South American Bushmaster
Crocodile Skink (Red Eyed Croc Skink) Spiny Hill Turtle
Desert Kingsnake Spitting Corba – Black Necked Spitter
Dwarf Caiman Spotted Turtle
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Tamaulipan Rock Rattlesnake
Eastern River Cooter Texas Cooter
Egyptian Tortoise Texas Ratsnake
Eyelash Palm Pitviper Texas Spiny Lizard
Gila Monster Texas Tortoise
Gliding Gecko (Flying Gecko) Timber Rattlesnake
Great Plains Skink Turkmenian Lizard
Green Crested Basilisk West African Gaboon Viper
Green Igunana West African Green Mamba
Haitian Giant Galliwasp Western Cottonmouth
Henkel’s Leaf-Tailed Gecko Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Home’s Hingeback Tortoise Western Hognosed Snake
Jamaican Boa Woma
Jameson’s Mamba Yellow Mud Turtle
King Cobra Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle
Madagascar Giant Day Gecko  
Alligator Newt Gulf Coast Toad
Antillean Coqui (Red-Eyed Coqui) Lemur Tree Frog
Asian Climbing Toads Mexican Tree Frog
Bornean Eared Frog Panamanian Golden Frog (PGF)
Brazilian Milk Frog (Mission Golden-Eyed Frog) Phantasmal Dart Frog
Couch’s Spadefoot Toad Plains Leopard Frog
Dyeing Poison Frog (Yellow & Blue Poison Dart Frog) Rio Grande Cichlids
Eastern Hellbender Taylor’s Bug Eyed Frog
Emperor Newt (Mandarin) Toad (Bumble Bee Walking Toad)
Emperor Spotted Newts (Iranian) Tonkin Bug Eyed Frog (Mossy Frog)
Golden Mantella Woodhouse’s Toad
Green & Black Poison Dart Frog