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Caribbean Cove Renovation

Welcome to the heart of tropical wonders

As an AZA-Accredited institution, we’ve always been committed to top-notch animal care and immersive education.

Now, as we reimagine Caribbean Cove, get ready for an enriched experience that aligns with the highest standards of animal care and guest experience.

Witness the transformation of Caribbean Cove with an immersive tropical experience offering new multi-species habitats featuring new animals to Abilene, a new educational zone, and a warm viewing area to see your favorite tropical animals all year long!

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Explore the habitats of critically endangered tamarins, vulnerable military macaws, and other species facing habitat loss like the toco toucan, tamandua, prehensile-tailed porcupine, and scarlet ibis.

Renovated and new warm-holdings will ensure each animal is comfortable and healthy during the cold months as well as create year-round viewing opportunities for guests.

Our commitment to conservation propels us to update the exhibit, enlarging habitats by over 200% and introducing mixed-species environments for an authentic wildlife experience. 


Embark on an educational journey while engaging with diverse animal habitats, complemented by a new educational zone near the popular Turtle Cove play area. This new space will be activated for summer camps, school trip visits or to host pop-up animal ambassadors.

At the heart of Abilene Zoo’s mission is education, this renovation makes learning accessible and enriching for every visitor and brings a critical conservation message to life in new and surprising ways.

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a hallmark of excellence

As an AZA-accredited institution since the 1980s, Abilene Zoo is part of a crucial species survival plan. Our commitment to conservation aligns with AZA’s global efforts, offering members access to zoos nationwide. This accreditation ensures we maintain the highest standards in animal care, habitats, and guest experiences.


Abilene Zoo’s Caribbean Cove renovation is more than an upgrade; it’s an invitation to explore, learn, and connect with wildlife.

Be a part of our journey to transform Caribbean Cove into a sanctuary of wonder and conservation. With your generous support, we can provide these incredible animals with the care and habitat they deserve. 

Together, let’s make a lasting impact on wildlife preservation and education.


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