$8.00 for Adults (ages 13-59)
$7.00 for Seniors (ages 60+)
$5.50 for children (ages 3-12)
Children under 3 free!

Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily
Last admittance at 4 p.m.
Every Thurs. June–August, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Last admittance at 8 p.m.

2070 Zoo Lane, Abilene, TX
(325) 676-6085

Zoo To You

Preschool Programs

Cost: First program $60/ additional same-day programs $35

Ask about discounts on multiple bookings!

This program is perfect for daycares, preschools, and other early childhood centers! Let the zoo bring some of our animal friends to visit your classroom! Each program lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and includes biofacts and up to 3 animal ambassadors! Presentations are designed to be hands on learning experiences, but there may be touching restrictions depending on the age of the audience and the animals involved.


Preschool Program Options:

OutreachAnimal Tales: Recommended for ages 2-5. Our presenter will start the program with a fun and engaging story about an animal, and then the children will get to meet an animal ambassador from the story!

Colorful Critters: Recommended for ages 3-5. Nature is full of colors! In this program we will identify the colors of various animals and why those colors are important.

Moovin’ and Groovin’: Recommended for ages 3-5. Can you hop like a rabbit? Flap your wings like a bird? As a group we will explore the different ways that animals move. We will get up and move as a class and then meet some animals that can show us their moves!

Animal Coverings: Recommended for ages 3-5. Explore the differences between feathers, fur, and scales. Get to see and touch examples of these crazy coverings through biofacts and live animal ambassadors!

 Senior Programs

Cost: $75

Ask about discounts on multiple bookings!

Can’t make it out to the zoo? Let the zoo come to you! A visit from our animal ambassadors is sure to brighten up the day for your residents at any nursing home, hospital, or long term care facility. Let our presenters come and share warm stories and personal information about some of our animals from the zoo. These programs focus on touch and interaction, engaging guests of all ages and abilities. An exciting visit from the zoo is sure to spark new conversation for weeks to come!

Option 1: group presentation- residents meet in a common room for a group presentation including 3-4 animals. These programs do include touch and interaction opportunities, but touching opportunities may be limited to groups of over 35 people.

Option 2: Mingling format- Want more of a one on one experience for your residents? With the assistance of someone at your facility, one of our presenters can take an animal ambassador room to room for a special personal visit with your residents.

Classroom Programs

Cost: First program $80/ additional same-day programs $55

Get ready for a science lesson your students will never forget!  Our presenter will focus on a grade appropriate theme while using live animal ambassadors and artifacts to help demonstrate the content. Each presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes. Speak with an educator today and learn about some of our grade recommended themes or work with our educators to develop a program to coordinate with a lesson of your choice! Are you trying to reach multiple classes in your grade level or school? Discounts are available for consecutively booked programs!

Classroom programs are designed for one or two classroom sized groups and for a maximum of 40 students. If you are looking for a program to fit a larger audience, check out our assembly program!

 Assembly Programs

Cost: First program $80/ additional same-day programs $55

When the zoo arrives it is sure to be a wild time! Our assembly programs are designed to be held in your large meeting place whether that is a cafeteria, gymnasium, or lecture hall. These presentations are sure to be fun and educational as our animal ambassadors will be there to add their own special touch. Our presenter will introduce you to a variety of animals with a touching opportunity provided at the end of the program! Each program lasts approximately 45 minutes and is designed for a large audience of over 40 people, if your group isn’t quite that large our classroom program may be the best fit for your group.

Event Programs

Cost: First hour $125/ each additional hour $100 (maximum of 3 hours)

Looking to add something special to your festival, fair, or event? There is no better way to make a splash than having the zoo arrive with some of our animal ambassadors. We will set up a variety of animals that can be seen as your visitors wander by. Our educators will be there to engage your guests with conversation, answer plenty of questions, and even bring out animals for up-close guest interaction!

Since this program does involve live animals there are many different factors that we consider to make sure that it is a safe and stress-free environment for the animals. Contact our education office today to discuss your event and see if it is a good fit.

For additional information or to book an outreach, contact the Education department at (325) 676-6487 or