Help care for them all!

The Abilene Zoo is proudly committed to providing professional care to over 1,000 animals that call the zoo home. These animals serve as ambassadors to inspire guests to protect wild things and wild places. Our animals come in all shapes and sizes, each requiring unique medical care. Can you imagine performing a root canal on an otter or an ultrasound on a pregnant giraffe?

These are scenarios our staff face every day and while you may call these wild cases, caring for these animals is not just our job, it’s our passion.

Our animals require high quality, specialized care; however the cost of medical supplies and equipment continues to increase. With the help of your generous donation, we will be able to continue to expand the exceptional care given to the growing numbers of animals entrusted to us at the Abilene Zoo.

Thank you for supporting the animals at the Abilene Zoo!

I would like to help provide exceptional care to all the animals at the Abilene Zoo!