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African Lion

Meet the Pride of the Abilene Zoo. While lions may be at the top of the food chain, they are vulnerable.

Fast Facts

The wind slowly rustles across the plains while an antelope laps up water from a sparse lakebed. Hidden within the grass, a lioness crouches down low keeping a sharp eye on her prey. As she approaches, the antelope’s ears begin to twitch. Spooked, the antelope darts away leaving the lioness empty-handed on the morning’s hunt.

Lions live in the grasslands and wooded areas of Africa making their dens high above the plains where their prey graze on grass and low shrubs. While lionesses are on the hunt, the male lion stays back watching the cubs.

Poaching and loss of native land have led to a steep decline in the population of lions. You can do your part to help by supporting the Abilene Zoo who gives back to conservation organizations like the African Wildlife Fund.

The Abilene Zoo has featured African Lions since its opening in 1966. Currently, there are two lions on exhibit, siblings Kenya and Dixie.

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