American Alligator

Albert is one of the oldest living American Alligators in zoos across the country. His exact past is unknown and has spurred many West Texas tall tales of his origination to the Abilene Zoo.

Fast Facts

Class: Reptile

Habitat: Wetlands of the Americas


IUCN Red Listing: Least Concern

Saving Species

In 1973 American Alligators were listed as Endangered, but thanks to the hard work of conservationists like accredited zoos, we have rebounded their population in the wild.

Scheduled Examination for Iconic Abilene Zoo Alligator

June 5, 2021- Albert the Alligator, a resident of the Abilene Zoo since 1966, is scheduled for a medical examination due to prolonged lethargic activity and inappetence.  The Veterinary and Animal Care teams will examine Albert early next week, where they will draw blood and perform a variety of medical tests. 

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