Coscoroba Swan

Coscoroba Swan or the scientific name is Coscoroba coscoroba. You can find this flock in the Wetlands Pond at the Abilene Zoo.

Fast Facts

The Coscoroba Swan is the smallest species of swans, but still a large species of waterfowl. When pups are born they have grey spots on their feathers. The grey swans eventually will turn white and their black beaks bright red.

Coscoroba Swans are Native to Southern South America. They are monogamous, lay 4 to 7 eggs at a time, and can live up to 36 years.

Coscoroba Swans are Omnivores. An omnivore is an animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin The swan's typical diet consists of aquatic plants, insects, small crustaceans

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the Coscoroba Swan status is Least Concern