World Lemur Day

Event date: October 30, 2021 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


On October 30, we celebrate World Lemur Day to raise awareness about one of the world’s most endangered animals, lemurs! We are lucky to have our brand NEW habitat Madagascar, where we can introduce the Abilene Zoo visitors to ring tail and black & white ruffed lemurs.

Come and join us as we give our younger Abilene Zoo guests a chance to build toys for the lemurs to play with. Then later in the day, watch as our Animal Care team give the lemurs all the toys and enrichment created by our guests. Plus learn all about lemurs and their critically endangered status.

Protecting Lemurs can be hugely beneficial to the Malagasy people. Sustainable ecotourism is considered an effective way to help the survival of endangered animals, including lemurs. Ecotourism not only helps raise awareness for lemurs but also helps the local economy as the industry could bring in millions of dollars each year to the island nation of Madagascar.

World Lemur Day celebration included in Boo at the Zoo admission for October 30, 2021

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