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Abilene Zoo Welcomes New Baby Giraffe

Abilene Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a new baby giraffe.

Abilene Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a new baby giraffe. Born on Saturday, May 18th, the zoo welcomed a healthy female calf to the herd. The name of the baby giraffe will be chosen by one of the donors of this year’s Zoobilation Gala and will be announced soon on Abilene Zoo’s social media platforms. The birth comes just in time for the zoo’s celebration of World Giraffe Day on June 22nd.

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Proud parents Jamie and Congo are doing exceptionally well. Jamie, who will turn 13 in July, is an experienced and nurturing mother. She has had four babies, three of which, including this latest calf, are with Congo. Jamie has diligently cared for and encouraged her new calf to explore her surroundings. Congo, the father, will turn 9 years old on June 22. He is easily recognizable among the zoo’s giraffes due to his darker markings and impressive height of 16 feet. The baby giraffe has shown remarkable curiosity, often approaching keepers, sniffing, and exploring new things with her mouth.

This joyful arrival is a reminder of the importance of giraffe conservation. With only 117,000 giraffes left in the wild, efforts to protect these majestic animals are more crucial than ever.  

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“Abilene Zoo is committed to supporting giraffe conservation and raising awareness about their plight. As part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP) program, the Abilene Zoo plays an important role in the coordinated efforts to ensure the survival of giraffe populations both in human care and in the wild,” said Jesse Pottebaum, Abilene Zoo director. 

The baby giraffe is spending quality time with her parents off-exhibit and will make her public debut on Saturday, June 1st. This date also marks the beginning of the zoo’s Roarin’ Mornings, featuring summer hours with the zoo open from 8 AM to 4 PM and daily keeper chats at 10 AM.

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