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Baby Capybaras Born in July 2022

The Abilene Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of five capybaras on Thursday July, 7, 2022 at 11 AM. This is the litter of capybaras born at the Zoo since September of 2021, when the Zoo welcomed nine capybaras. The five babies were born to mother Daisy, marking her second time having a litter. A capybara is pregnant for five to six months. At birth, the pups each weigh between three and four pounds. Once they reach adulthood, they will be the world’s largest species of rodent, weighing up to 170 lbs. 


“This year we have welcomed so many new members to our family.” Abilene Zoo Supervisor of Conservation, Clay Carabajal said. “This shows that the animals of the Abilene Zoo are healthy and thriving. Allowing generations to come to become inspired to conserve species and wild places all over the planet.”


The newest members of the Abilene Zoo family were born on exhibit and can be seen during your next visit. Guests can get their Zoo tickets or memberships at



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