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Lady Bird Released

After weeks of rehabilitation we released Lady Bird, the bald eagle, back into the skies of Texas
On October 30, 2021, we received a female, adult, bald eagle. She was transported to the Abilene Zoo from San Saba county, south of Brownwood, TX. Upon arrival, she was examined by our Bird Rehabilitation Team. It was discovered that she had bone injuries to her wing and shoulder. The cause of those injuries is almost impossible to determine without witnessing the injury.
She also had abnormally high lead levels in her blood. Likely from eating prey already high in lead from pollution. Our Bird Rehabilitation Team created a treatment plan. Over the next month, she would regain her strength and increase in weight. Her favorite thing to eat is fish. After another examination and exercise time in our large rehabilitation flight, she was deemed releasable.
We had the Facebook fans vote and they have named her Lady Bird, after former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson. She was released on December 11, 2021, in the same location she was discovered. Fox West Texas accompanied us on the trip and highlighted the release.

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