Meet The Animals

You’ll meet birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles! The Abilene Zoo is home to 127 different species.

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Coscoroba Swan



Our Coscoroba Swans

Coscoroba Swan or the scientific name is Coscoroba coscoroba. You can find this flock in the Wetlands Pond at the Abilene Zoo.

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North American Bullfrog



Our North American Bullfrogs

Meet Jeremiah. He's a good friend of mine. This North American Bullfrog is just one animal found in the Reptile House at the Abilene Zoo.

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Caribbean Flamingo




Caribbean Flamingo or Phoenicopterus ruber is a large species of flamingo closely related to the greater flamingo and Chilean flamingo. Come meet our flock in Wetlands of the Americas here at the Abilene Zoo.

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Meet the giraffe!

Meet the tower of giraffe found at the Abilene Zoo.

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Meet the animals of South America

From capybara, maned wolves, jaguar and more!

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Save the Animals

The Abilene Zoo is committed to ensuring that endangered species have a future in the wild.

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Plan Your Visit

With more animals than anywhere else in West Texas, you're in for a WILD day at the Abilene Zoo

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Become a Zoo Member

Let your wild ones meet ours any day of the week when you become a member of the Abilene Zoo.

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